Friday, 3 June 2016

FLF/GW Competition Longlist

The Finchley Literary Festival & Greenacre Writers Short Story Competition Longlist is out.

Congratulations to all those long-listed.

We've heard it said that many writers consider producing a short story in 1,000 words or fewer is a difficult task but judging by our entries, dozens of writers disagree. The entries comprised a wonderful variety of themes, ideas and writing styles - and the standard was high. 

A good story, we think, reads so smoothly it seems as if it was as effortless to write but, as writers ourselves, we understand the work that goes in to crafting a good short story and are very appreciative of what our entrants achieved. 

Selecting stories for the long list is never an easy task and so we enrolled a number of readers to ensure we were choosing the very best. If your story hasn't made our list, please do not be discouraged; we had a high number of entries and the fact that we intended long-listing only 20, but have actually chosen 30 demonstrates how impressed we were. Keep writing!

Once again, congratulations to those we list here in no particular order:


The Sender of Second Chances 
Three Words and a Chocolate Bar 
The Wondwossi Hotel Bar
The Magic Lantern 
A Necessary Occupation 
257 Cracks 
The Last Morning
The Tin Flute
Lessons Without Instructions 
The Lonely Path 
The Prize 
Now I'm a Fish 
Grandma's Needles
The Woman on the Corner
When Luck Runs Out 
A Piece of Cake
Like Trees in The Forest 
Tilly's Account 
Happy Birthday
The Most Delicious Biryani
roject Claire

A Man of Means By No Means
So Many Questions
The Sovereign
29 Days

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