Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Stop Press: Zombie Book Bug hits Finchley

Finchley Literary Festival organisers and participants have been struck down with a deadly virus known as the Zombie Book Bug. Symtoms include lurching into book shops, moaning, groaning and buying unusual books.

Supporting libraries as their theme this year, the festival kicks off this afternoon at Church End Library, Finchley Central at 1.00pm with local blogger Theresa Musgrove who will be talking about her forthcoming book: The Hand that Smoothes the Pillow: Mary Ann Cotton – the Life and Times of a Victorian Serial Killer.

Theresa Musgrove is a writer and local campaigner better known for her blog 'Broken Barnet', which she writes via the medium of the infamous Mrs Angry, who is currently in a Swiss sanatorium, trying to regain her composure after the outcome of the general election. 

We asked Theresa, when she first realised she had caught the Zombie Book Bug? Mrs Angry replied:

"I must tell you I HATE zombie things, and horror, in lit or films. I do like books, and reading, clearly: and if I can write at all it is because I was such a voracious reader as a child, depending on my local library in Edgware for access to books, as we had few at home, and my appetite for reading was insatiable. My house is overflowing with piles of books, which I've started to stockpile even more for fear of there being no public libraries anywhere at all soon."

Later this evening, at one of the saved libraries of Barnet, Mike Carey will be at Friern Barnet Community Library, 7.00pm to talk about his book The Girl With All The Gifts. Rosie Canning, one of the organisers said: We're very lucky to have Mike this week as filming of the The Girl, has just started and I know Mike has been travelling a lot (probably infecting others with The BUG.)

When asked if the Zombie Book Bug had affected his quality of life, Mike replied:

"I think when the apocalypse arrives, we just have to hold fast to our core values and... ooh, is that a human brain? Do you mind if I...? It's just that I skipped breakfast..."

Find out more about Mike here.

Lindsay Bamfield, another festival organiser said: "We are delighted that Mike Carey, a British writer of comic books, novels, and films, will be taking part in this year's festival. If you've read the book you'll know that our local artsdepot is mentioned. Never mind that it features zombies in the same scene! Lindsay, who has embraced the Zombie Book Bug, borrows books from her local Finchley library regularly. She also works for the NHS and added, "We promised you zombies and we have a good NHS doctor on hand just in case."

As part of the Mike Carey evening, John Paul O'Malley is travelling north to Finchley, to interview 'The Man', at 8.00pm. JP used to live in Finchley but moved recently, presumably so he wouldn't catch the virus. We asked him what it was like interviewing people with the Zombie Book Bug?

"I feel privileged, honored and frightened to death simultaneously! I just hope all of those Zombies have eaten before they've come down to the interview tonight."

(JP *cough* *a-hem* ...who's going to tell him?)

Find out more about JP O' Malley here.

Festival organisers warn that if you attend any of the events there is the distinct possibility you could be bitten...infected by the Zombie Book Bug, enter at your own peril. 

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