Sunday, 19 April 2015

Populating Fantasy: writing workshop.

Populating Fantasy.

Saturday 23rd May 10.30-12.30pm
Church End Library, 24 Hendon Lane, N3 1TR.

Katie Alford
Katie Alford, author of Atlantis and the Game of Time, invites you to her workshop. She describes it as an exploration of world building and character and culture development in speculative fiction. Learn how to create living breathing worlds full of unique cultures and histories and look into the way environment affects the development of races and societies, both real and fictional.

This workshop is free. To book, please email Katie on

Katie has won a number of short story competitions but realised it was taking precious time away from her novel writing and so stopped entering them, but she does now sometimes judge them. Her first novel, Atlantis and the Game of Time, was published in 2014 and she has another underway. 

Katie has written works in several genres including fantasy, sci fi, steampunk, dark fantasy, folklore and detective and she recently dabbled in poetry, although she says she is not intending to take that any further.

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